“Who’s going to be the head pastor at the National Cathedral” - Singer Epixode asks gov’t

 Dancehall artiste Epixode has raised a thought-provoking question to government on the management of the yet-to-be-completed National Cathedral.

The interdenominational Christian cathedral has generated divided opinions , with majority going against the governmental project.

Making his stance known in an interview on Hitz FM Friday, Epixode said he is indifferent on the building of the cathedral, but his worry lies with it’s management.

“Who’s going to be the head pastor?” he quizzed while raising a case that it might defeat the purpose of religious unity, for which the cathedral is being built.

He believes just the Christian religion encapsulates various sects and each would want to be appropriately represented.

“There are churches everywhere. Billboards are full of churches; just the Kasoa stretch has like 800 billboards. We have so many things to worry about. Fix what needs to be fixed then we can have the lives to go to church,” he added.

In his opinion, there are “proper problems” the funding of the project can solve, like the blood-thirsty Tema motorway. 

He suggested to the government for the huge tax payer’s money to be channeled into building or giving a facelift to monumental structures like the museums to preserve history for the coming generations.

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