“Most gospel singers cheat because they have high libido” - Kumchacha reveals


In the wake of issues surrounding Joyce Blessing’s viral video where she was allegedly professing love to another man despite being married, Prophet Nicholas Osei, popularly known as ‘Kumchacha’ has shared his opinion.

While others have called on Ghanaians to cGut Joyce Blessing some slack, the Heaven’s Gate Ministries overseer thinks it is about time the ‘canker of sexual immorality’ among female gospel singers is tackled.

Prophet Kumchacha who does not side with Joyce Blessing’s conduct in the viral video has alleged that most Ghanaian female gospel singers are extremely promiscuous.

He has claimed that these women who are in most cases married, escort pastors to crusades and end up warming their beds.

According to him, most of these gospel singers usually have high libidos and as such cannot control the urge to jump from one pastor to the other after ministering in their churches.

“If you are looking for women who are highly promiscuous, most of them are gospel singers. They parade themselves as the right-hand woman of pastors and follow them to all kinds of crusades. By so doing, they jump from one hotel to the other and from one pastor to the other. Most of them have high libidos, and cannot even control themselves,” Kumchacha told Mona Gucci in the Twi language on the Bribi Gyegye Wo show.

Earlier in 2021, when a DNA test allegedly proved that one of Joyce Blessing’s three sons does not belong to her husband Dave Joy, Kumchacha joined the section of Ghanaians to defend the singer.

“I respect Joyce Blessing a lot… The Joyce I know is not like that,” he stated on Oman Chanel.

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