Nana Aba Is Still Renting At Her Age, She Is Just A Failure- Adu Safowaa Fires.

 Adu Safowaa mocked Nana Aba, claiming she’s still living in a rented apartment at her age and should be ashamed of that.

Her attack comes after Nana Aba jumped to Jackie Appiah’s defense over her recently unveiled million dollar mansion in trasaco.

The ultra-expensive mansion triggered a debate on how Jackie made enough money to afford such luxury – with a popular claim being that she sold her body to make the cash, others also accused her of being in some illegal ways of making because to them, the money they make from movies is not enough to build such a mansion.

Nana Aba was disgusted and jumped to Jackie’s defense and lambasted critics for their bad energy towards the actress.

Addressing the issue, she revealed that whoever makes it in this country has their success attributed either to fraud for men, or being an ash*wo or other related bad ways of making money.

“When you make it as a man in this country, they attribute it to sakawa or drugs. You make it as a woman, you’re ashawo. People who do this are permanently stuck in a snake pit. Wake up from the folly and attempt to make your life better too. God be with us all.”Anamoah said.

Adu Safowaa was far from amused and jumped on Anamoah, calling her a failure in life. It is also reported that, Adu Safowaah has never liked Nana Aba and also finds ways of undermining her words and efforts.

“If at my age, a tv station has to pay me or give me accommodation, anka menum acid. Sorry Headie, but you are not a successful woman. This Google write up you’ve put accross saved your own a** cuz wawe p)t)))))” she fired.

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