Ladies 6 ways to spend your stingy guy’s money on Val’s Day!


Every woman likes to be pampered but unfortunately, some men will just not spend on a woman.

Stinginess in a man is not a game and, therefore, doesn’t require specific skills to bring home the bacon.

It’s just about what you can do for the man to dissolve his stinginess and give you the money.

The good news is that a woman can work around it. Here are tricks that will get him spending on you this Valentine’s Day:

  • Be nice

To be able to warm your way into a man’s wallet, you will need to first warm your way into his heart. Men crave respect and recognition. Give them to him. Treat him really well and then watch the magic happen.

  • Try to provide too

Men who invest cash in girls do this sort of since they feel that lady is offering him everything he requires.

They will need a lady who would acknowledge and recognize him, prior to she would criticize and argue with him.

In essence, in the event you fulfill his deepest needs to become understood, cared for, cherished, trusted and so forth… then he’ll easily open up his globe for you, in all aspects, which includes the monetary.

  • Call a toaster in his presence to send you money

All dudes know that no matter how much their women love them; they are still going to have other admirers around the corner.

One way to put the stingy guy in the right perspective is to make demands from one of your staunch admirers in his presence.

This will make him red with jealousy and probably ignite his anger. Calmly apologize and explain that you only did it because you were low on cash.

  • Teach him to spend by buying him simple gifts 

The best way to teach someone something is by example. Every once in a while, do buy him a sentimental but simple gift.

He will have no choice other than to reciprocate. Before then, you must have carried out 1 or 2 of the steps above.

  • Make your lovemaking special anytime he buys an expensive gift

What better way to turn him than under the sheets. Make your bleeping special and unforgettable anytime he buys you an expensive gift.

Give him a head like never before or perhaps a good massage. Just use your head. If after everything your guy still remains stingy, then it’s time to let the stingy guy at PhD level go his way.

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