I can never be attracted to another man – Kwabena Kwabena speaks about being gay


Legendary Ghanaian Highlife maestro, Kwabena Kwabena, has opined that he can never see himself conforming to the actions of the LGBTQ community.

Using himself as a reference, the multiple award winning vocalist who is known for many hit singles like 'adult','royal lady' and many others, said he can never be attracted to a person of the same sex.

His remarks come at a time when the conversation surrounding the minority sexual community has heightened, especially as members are demanding the legalisation of their activities.

In recent times, Ghanaians have also suggested Kwabena Kwabena was gay after he adopted a lifestyle of wearing petite shorts and nail polish.

Debunking such claims in an interview with Lexis Bill on Joy Drive, he categorically stated that he is only attracted to women.

He added that nothing in this world can ever make him look at a man in a sexual light.

“I am a man and I am attracted to women. I can never be attracted to another man. It is not something within my DNA,’’ he reiterated.

To him, sexuality is a matter of hormonal and genetic engineering.

“I don’t know how people take sexuality, as for me I see sexuality to be hormonal and genetic, if anybody has a form of attraction that’s the person. Me I’m hormonal and I am attracted to a woman,’’ he said.

He again argued that the continuous conversation and debating on LGBTQ+ activities is rather promoting their activities in the country.

“Continuous discussing on LGBTQ+ issues rather promote the agenda as against the general societal disapproval of it,” he added.

He was quick to add that he does not find anything wrong with individual decisions on the matter.


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