“Cow Dung Is More Useful Than You” - DKB attacks Kwadwo Sheldon


There seem to be a brewing beef boiling up between Ghanaian Comedian, Derrick Kobina Bonney, also known as DKB and the content creator, Kwadwo Sheldon.

Kwadwo Sheldon who is best known for criticizing entertainment personalities, especially those he feels ain’t living up to his expectations.

Kwadwo Sheldon seems to have poked the nest of DKB as the comedian take to hi Twitter to rain insults on him for his recent attack launched against Sarkodie.

Following Sarkodie’s comment of not having any idea of who Kwadwo Sheldon is personally but knows him for his online works, Kwadwo Sheldon expressed his displeasure, lambasting the rapper for making such statement during his interview.

He later came out to render a sincere apology to the rapper for taking a swipe at him, claims he was misled by some of his fans after the news went viral.

In reaction to that, DKB has described Kwadwo Sheldon as an unintelligent blocked headed personality who has been doing quack song reviews.

He wrote;

"You disrespected we Ghcomedians but U were busy stealing our jokes. Your unintelligent block head kept doing quack song reviews till Obinim aced U with just 1! Someone says he doesn’t know U & U disrespect his wife? Foolish uncultered ugly human frog! Cow dung useful pass U!"


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