Our 'DUMSOR' is a different kind of 'DUMSOR' - Top NPP official tells Ghanaians


Former member of parliament of the Adentan constituency and director of Communications for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Yaw Buaben Asamoa has described the current power outages happening in Ghana as a new kind of ‘dumsor’.

According to the politician who lost his seat in parliament in the 2020 general election, this round of power outages can not be compared to the previous one experienced during the  Mahama-led administration.

Speaking on JoyNews’ Newsfile, Mr. Asamoa said,

 “This generation is different from the other generation. This second generation is a verb for a new situation which is an addition to the problems we were experiencing before; transmission challenges.So whatever is happening now, from my understanding, factually, is that we have adequate generation and we have increased consumption and that is putting pressure on our ability to transmit and distribute.  So the infrastructure for transmission has come under extreme pressure.”

He added that because GRIDCo is facing some technical issues with their transformers, but they are working efficiently  around the clock to transmit power which could lead to large parts of the country experiencing power cuts.

“So the difference with the traditional dumsor where one transformer in the neighborhood trips and the neighborhood goes off and a trip on GRIDCO main line is that, that’s a wholesale line and that means once it trips, a whole region could go off even if a particular part of that region wasn’t the direct source of the trip. So we had the situation where one day the entire country went off.The key thing now is that you could suffer an outage almost innocently because you’re on a wholesale line which is GRIDCO. So this is a more critical situation than before that we need to quickly upgrade transmission in order to stabilize the system.” He added

He, however, assured Ghanaians that the President Akufo-Addo led government is dedicated to ensuring stable electricity supply to all.

“I know for a fact that government’s main objective is a consistent and affordable availability of power to ensure jobs, incomes as well as social use,” he said.

Meanwhile, information kgnewsonline.com gathers is that , the power outages will continue up to August where works on GRIDco's transformers will be completed.

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