Medikal is a better rapper than Strongman - Ball J Beat


Popular Ghanaian rapper and sound Engineer, Ball J has said that AMG Medikal is a better rapper than Strongman.

Speaking on Neat FM, Ball J who is known for a lot of hit songs including Guru's 'Lapaz Toyota' said he would prefer Medikal as a better rapper than Strongman.

Eventhough there’s an assumption that Medikal’s rap line are not sensible and always uses trendy terminology to get listeners’ interest as compared to Strongman who is known for his grip on and effective use of the Twi laguage , Ball J, a seasoned rapper, and sound engineer, says Medikal's poetic side has not been realized .

In the interview, Ball J said:

He’s a poet but people don’t realise it, and he does it in a jovial way, so you’ll think he’s doing ruff but if you hear his music, you’ll realise it’s education.”.


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