I am not obsessed with winning the Grammy Awards - Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy wins Best Dancehall Artiste again at the 24th VGMAs

In an interview with Amansan Krakye, he emphasized that his true obsession lies in consistently delivering his best work. 

According to Stonebwoy who has won a lot of awards including the BET Awards, the Grammy Awards represent a significant platform, but his primary ambition is to capture the hearts of people with his exceptional talent.

“Obsession is a big no I mean I’m not obsessed with winning the Grammys or any other awards for that matter but my obsession will rather be that I always want to continue to deliver my best,” he told Amansan Krakye.

He expressed his desire to push Ghanaian music forward, expressing his unique abilities, and gracing the biggest stages imaginable to share his musical message with the world.


“That I’ll be able to push Ghana music forward and I’ll be able to express my talent and to be able to win the heart of people and be on all the biggest stages I can ever imagine delivering a musical message to the world.

“It will continue to propel my sound and my dreams to the world and I’ll be able to continue to do that but to say the Grammys is above that dream is not realistic,” he added.

These aspirations fuel his drive, and he believes that achieving his core dream is of utmost importance. While acknowledging the Grammy Awards' potential to elevate his sound and dreams to a global audience, Stonebwoy remains grounded and realistic, stating that considering the Grammys as a priority above his core dream would be impractical.


During an appearance on Cape Coast-based Property FM, he explained that winning a Grammy would further propel his music and aspirations, allowing him to continue making an impact. However, he maintains that his dream of touching people's hearts and leaving a lasting impression through his music takes precedence over any specific award.

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