Never Date Or Marry A Woman Who Uses Her Wealth Or Intelligence To Belittle You - Ps Elvis Agyemang


The leader and founder Grace Mountain Church and also the leader of the popular midnight prayers, “Alpha Hour”, Pastor Elvis Agyemang  advised men to be cautious when selecting their future wives. 

According to the Chief Alpharian, men should never marry women who feel they are better than them.

Pastor Elvis Agymeng gave this tip during a Sunday Service where his sermon was centered on marriage.


Pastor Elvis Agyemang asked men to look out  for certain characteristics  whilst dating and if they find these in the women, they should not proceed with the marriage.

In his own words;
“As a man, if you meet a woman who behaves as if she knows everything to make you look like a fool. Run! If a woman is intelligent, she must use it to respect her man. If she is bringing that knowledge to feel superior, you are to blame if you enter marriage with such a person.

The Bible says man should be the head and the woman should humble herself under the leadership of the man. Don’t marry a woman who makes you feel like a fool.


“If she is rich or more educated, let her go until she realizes that he must submit to you with all that she has. Otherwise, you will die early.”

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