Meet The Man Who Hacked Wode Maya's YouTube Channel


Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya with over 1 million subscribers and 900 uploads, has had his channel hacked.

This happened in the late hours of Thursday, February 23, 2023, when the channel was taken over by hackers identified as “Microstrategy.”

Who Hacked Wode Maya YouTube

Wode Maya’s channel name was changed to “Microstrategy,” a firm founded by American entrepreneur Michael J Saylor, and it was used to stream a live fundraising and live cryptocurrency session.

Michael J Saylor is an online education provider and a administrator of Saylor Academy. He wrote “The Mobile Wave” book in 2012. Saylor Saylor had 31 patents granted as of 2016 and 9 additional applications under review.

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Wode Maya is without a doubt one of the most popular YouTubers in Africa. He aims to change the negative perception of Africans on the continent and in diasporas.

Even though the page information on his channel remained intact but all of the videos had wiped out from the page, which he created since 2013 and had received over 193 million views.

Social Media Reacts to Wade Maya YouTube After Hacked

This sparked a massive online reaction, with social media users pleading with YouTube officials to help them reclaim his channel.

Jessica Opare Saforo, a media personality, banded together with Wode Maya fans and supporters to petition the streaming digital platform to investigate the cause of the channel’s hacking. She tweeted below .

Wode Maya YouTube Channel Terminated

On Friday, February 24, 2023, hellovybes checked the channel and discovered that it had been it has taken down entirely by YouTube, which they are still investigating.

When the previous links are clicked, the following message is displayed: “The video is not available. This video is for personal use only.” Furthermore, a search for the page on YouTube yields no results.

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The vlogger’s real name Berthold Winkler is yet to publicly comment on the development.

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