Go and arrest the criminals in gov’t - Nigel Gaisie tells Ghana Police

 The Ghana Police Service previously reminded the general public, all religious leaders, and especially pastors that making public predictions of doom is still illegal, and that anyone caught doing so during end-of-year church services will be detained and prosecuted as appropriate.

“As the year 2022 draws to a close, we wish to once again urge the general public, especially faith-based groups to maintain continued compliance with the law as it relates to the broadcast of predictions,” the law enforcement agency stated in a statement released on Tuesday, December 27, 2022.

“Let us continue to remember that while we have the freedom to practice our beliefs through religion, free expression, and worship, this right must not be exercised at the expense of other people’s rights or the general welfare.

The statement continued by praising religious institutions and authorities for abiding by the law in the year after the Police Service stepped up its enforcement.

The service has decided to use December 27 of each year as a reminder to adhere to the law’s prohibition on sending illicit communications, it was stated.

In a response, Nigel Gaisie compared the police’s conduct to what happened when the Biblical King Ahab was in command.

He gave the Ghana Police Service the order to concentrate its efforts on resolving a number of serious crimes that had shaken the nation.

He spoke “All of the criminals in government who are making life so difficult for the average person should be under arrest, according to the Ghana Police Service. Once more, there are more significant cases that are of national significance, such as Who killed J.B. and the political figures responsible for turning our once-safe drinking water into Choco milo galamsey. To put it mildly, the police presence there is not the best. Similar to the Ayawaso Wuogon by-elections, the perpetrators of the harm (pain) done to the average person continue to walk free in the face of overwhelming proof.”

“It is impossible to undervalue or disregard the prophetic or prophets’ significance in the development of a nation. It is sufficient to say that every prophet is characterized by BOLDNESS FROM ABOVE; consequently, I advise all prophets to be guided by the Holy Spirit on December 31st night or dawn and to exercise caution because of the evil times. No prophet of God should be intimidated into silence or experience fear “Added he.

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