I slept with my Pastor for children - Married woman confesses

 A married woman has given a chilling confession of how she had an illicit affair with her pastor.

This was  fueled by her desire to get pregnant since she had tried severally to conceive to no avail.

The pastor reveled to the woman that she was barren but then he would cleanse her womb for her to conceive.

She said they only way he would do that was by sleeping with her, something she obliged believing she would conceive.


The pastor then went ahead and slept with her then directed her to sleep with her husband once she got Home, and surprisingly, she conceived. When she wanted a second child, she did the same and also conceived.

She said in part:

"Do not put your mouth in things you have no understanding about. I am one of the women who benefited from sleeping with the pastor. Some pastors carry anointing. I was ttc woman for 7 years and I was introduced to a man who is my god on earth in form of a pastor. He changed my life and I am rejoicing today.

She added:

"I slept with him and he told me that my womb is open. That when I get home, I should sleep with my husband. And I did today I am a mother. When I tried conceiving the second one, the enemy came again. My pastor said no worry. We did it again, I went back home and slept with my pastor. I'm a mother of two wonderful kids. A boy and a girl. Do not insult any woman."

Hmmm!!! Is it the pastor who opened her womb by sleeping with her or she is not compatible with the husband?

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  1. I would say, this is no magic or miracle but rather, she got impregnated by the pastor and for she to believe that, he(the pastor) told her to sleep with her husband.