Nana Akufo-Addo Is The Replica Of The Devil Ruling Ghana. Is It True?


The National Organiser of the largest opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joshua Hamidu Akamba, has described President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as the devil in the flesh of man.

In a rage during a radio discussion in Kumasi sited by Fussghana, the NDC leader told host Julius Caesar Anadem on the Ultimate Morning Show that the leadership of Nana Addo can be akin to the devil superintending over evil deeds in his own oblivious world.

Mr. Akamba does not understand why the NPP and Nana Addo in opposition promised to make the lives of Ghanaian better but has now made it sad to live in Ghana.

‘‘The devil is still ruling and if you have the devil ruling, the bible and the Quran say the devil will come in to destroy and kill, just as is happening in Ghana now under nana Addo.’’

‘‘The bad angel is the devil, when you have the devil ruling this country and you see the mess, you don’t expect me or Ghanaians to say all is well.’’

He notes that Nana Addo is able to perpetuate his evil deeds on Ghanaians because to him the EC aided him and his party, he goes further to describe Jean Mensah as the Jezebel of our time, just as it is in the Bible.

‘‘ If the NDC was careful and watchful I don’t think jean Mensah the Jezebel of our time would have been able used to rob us the NDC of elections in the Ashanti Region and in the Eastern Region, we would have had a clear majority in parliament now to prove that the NDC had won the 2020 elections’

‘‘Do you know why I am describing jean Mensah as Jezebel, look into the bible, this person is a distractor coming to destroy, Akufo- Addo himself a destroyer, and he looks around to bring people alike, to come and serve under him.’’

Mr. Akamba has however served a word of warning to the NPP and the EC, the NDC will stand aloof from the things that happened in 2020 to happen in 2024.

‘‘This time, they shouldn’t try it. You think the soldiers are sleeping, you fooled them, you think the police are sleeping so you fool them, we won’t allow that…. 2024 it will be worse off; they shouldn’t try it.’’

‘‘Akufo- Addo will not try it, he won’t try it” The NDC continues to reel from the defeat of the 2020 general elections, which produced a hung parliament, the first of its kind in Ghana’s history. The NPP which was incumbent in power lost a number of its seats which many ascribe to the internal wrangling in the party.

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