“My husband beat me mercilessly for not pounding fufu for him and his 6 friends” - Woman cries

In a video spotted online  by #YourNo1NewsHub kgnewsonline.com is a lady who narrated how her husband disciplined her for not pounding fufu for him and his six friends.

The incident somewhat seems funny, but on a real it is a delicate issue to address.

And before anyone pronounces judgement, let’s proceed to dig into what really caused the beatings.

According to the woman whose name wasn’t disclosed, she usually pound fufu for her husband but on that very faithful day, she told him to give assistance since he has already invited six of his friends to join him for the “fufu festival”…

She messaged him whilst he was away with his friends, and told him that she can’t pound the fufu for six of his friends if she is not giving a helping hand, and hold and behold her statement arouse the temper of her husband.

The husband returned home and indeed the fufu wasn’t pounded but soup had already been prepared, so he had to lie to his friends that the cassava which was cooked had spoiled.

According to the woman, after the friends of her husband left, she was beaten mercilessly with a laptop charger by her husband to the point that she had marks on her body.

According to some netizens, the lady deserved it because she could have send the cassava to the fufu pounding machine to avoid the back and forth whilst others too believe that, the man didn’t show concern and for that matter must face the law.

Now, it’s over to you readers to pronounce your judgements… Below is the video to the story.

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