It is not wrong for a young guy to live a flashy life – Medikal

 Ghanaian Rapper Medikal has said that everything right for a young guy to live a lavish or flashy  life.

Medikal is a very young act cashing out real big and doesn’t waste time in showing us how lavishly he’s living his life and reacting to that has claimed that it’s not a crime for a young guy to live a lavish lifestyle like he’s doing with his family.

According to him, if you see a young man living lavishly doesn’t mean he acquired his wealth through the wrong means or did something bad to become rich as most of them work hard for whatever they put on the gram.

Medikal is rumored to be a fraudster aside from being a musician and even though he has debunked such rumors stating it’s not true, how he’s living his lifestyle makes it hard for most of us to believe he made all that money through music only.

Aside from doing music and endorsing some brands, we know Medikal of not having any other business that creates enough revenue to sponsor his lavish lifestyle and that’s why some people think he’s into other things or acquired his wealth through a bad means.

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