Set up counselling offices for people associated with LGBTQ+ - Gospel singer tells gov't


Multiple award winning gospel singer and preacher, Pastor Nana Yaw Boakye, popularly known as MOG Music, has urged churches to create counselling units and offices to counsel people who are LGBTQ+.

According to 'Be Lifted' singer who is music pastor at the RoyalHouse Chapel Internatonal, he believes creating counseling unit for counseling purposes for people who are LGBTQ+ and people who have peculiar issues will help a lot.

“My humble suggestion to pastors and bishops in Ghana is that there are young ones who are sincerely struggling and they need help. They don’t know their way about, some need love,” he said.

“Honestly if you’ve really travelled, the people that show you a lot of love when you are at work or abroad and all that, you see these LGBTQ+ people, they will show you love they can show you love I mean per discussions that I have had with people who work abroad,” he added.

Speaking in an interview with Joy Entertainment, MOG urged all churches in Ghana to make provisions for counselling units at their various churches to help young ones who are struggling in such areas.

“For me, I believe that if the pastors and bishops really want to help these people, set up counselling offices in your church and let it come in the news that we have this office, there are counsellors there. Anybody who has issues and needs somebody who will counsel you without judging you, walk to this office, there is somebody there willing to help you and it will amaze you the number of people who will walk into those offices for you to counsel them,” he stressed.

In addition, MOG Music advised pastors to help people who are LGBTQ+ out by showing them love and creating room for them to be helped through deliverance as well.

“Take them to deliverance and then help them out of it. We don’t have that but there are certain laws against it but it is not going to stop it at all. We need to show them love, create rooms to help them and I believe if pastors will do this, it will help”, he stated.


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