Shaving the vagina ‘sakora’ exposes it to infection - Midwife warns [VIDEO]


A Midwife Paulina Siaw-Akoto has warned women against shaving all the hair on their vaginas off as this exposes them to various diseases.

The Deputy Health Chief Tutor and National Treasurer of the Nurses and Midwives Association believes that the vagina at every point needs hair on it and therefore it’s imperative that women ensure that they leave some hair around.

Mrs. Paulina Siaw-Akoto was speaking on Accra-based OKAY FM when she made this known.

She indicated that the hair available traps dust and prevents it from having direct contact with the vagina so it’s imperative that there is hair available all the time.

“There is no need to shave the vagina very down. It helps to trap dirt that finds its way and small insects you might not see. The hair grows on both sides of the vagina, don’t shave them down just give it a clean shave and leave some of the hair on there,” she said while advising women on the best way to keep their vagina.

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