Man shot dead by one-year-old son


A Georgia father-of-one was accidentally shot inside his home by his toddler, who found a loaded gun, picked it up and pulled the trigger, police say.

Dustin Walters, 25, was rushed to hospital on December 5 after the officers found him suffering from a gunshot wound when they responded to reports of a shooting at his home in the 100 block of E. 64th Street, Savannah at 5.30pm.

He was transported to Memorial Medical Center, where he died as a result of his injuries, Savannah Police Department said.

Police say that he was shot ‘accidentally’ by a child under the age of two.

They have not confirmed Walters’ relationship with the child but Walters has a one-year-old son, Mars Cameron Walters, with his wife, Tori.

‘The preliminary investigation determined that Walters was wounded when a toddler, who was just under 2 years of age, found and fired the handgun, striking Walters,’ police said.

Details of the investigation related to the incident were not made public until December 14, when investigators said a child was involved in the shooting.

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