Top 10 Businesses You can start with GHc100 in Ghana

Many argue that money is not the most important factor to consider when planning to go into entrepreneurship or any kind of business. But others believe that money comes first before anything when it comes to business , so we asked our social media followers of the kind of businesses one can start with just GHc100 ($17 approximately). 

Below are some 10 businesses they suggested.

  1. Selling of Sobolo and Fruits
  2. Selling secondhand socks and gloves
  3. Bead Making
  4. Egg frying
  5. Selling Toffees
  6. Selling of pure water
  7. Soft drinks business
  8. Shea butter business
  9. Buy 3 wigs and net and braid raster and sell it GHc250 cedis for only one
  10. Buying bags of pure water to resell one by one will make more profits

Do you also have other suggestions, lets read them at the comments section below and don't forget to follow for more vibes, entertainment and news updates

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