LADIES! Here Are 5 Reasons Why You’re Beautiful But Single


 Knowing how some men are obsessed with the beauty  you’d think that the prettiest of women in the world are in enviable relationships.

But let’s put this in the open. You’re hot, independent and financially stable. You’re the trailblazer of your small social group of friends and your entire world runs under your feet.

So why is it still hard to score yourself a man? I mean, seriously, what are you doing wrong? Here are five reasons why you are hot and still single;

1. Men are scared to approach you

Hot women, generally, have a personality that often comes off as rather ‘too strong’ for men. Men find your confidence intimidating, and they know that the old 40 flirty questions won’t work on you. So first, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Guys will thoroughly pore over themselves before they approach you, and that’s a good thing. They recognize your beauty from afar and they believe that you’re worth the effort. They understand that you deserve the best. Even the few hotheads who have the confidence to approach you have their doubts. One wrong move and they know you’ll readily lose their number. Nobody believes you’re their type. So if you think about it, it’s not really your fault. You’re just too hot for the average. How’s that for class, huh?


2. You are surrounded by a lot of friends

Hot single women are always part of a ‘herd’ – a team of girlfriends who are always laughing their asses off. You are the life of the party in your group, and you know how to play your part. You would rather hang out with your friends than spare time blushing around men. Friends first – that’s your golden rule; no compromises. To you, men are hardly a priority.


3. You are never ready to settle

Sexy women are naturally outgoing and ambitious. You want to travel the world, perform at the karaoke, dance with a lion in the zoo – if it looks fun, then it’s worth trying. You rarely have time to settle, or at least think about it. Getting into a relationship sounds like a direct ticket to the no-fun world, and you are not ready for such a liability. You believe in taking advantage of your freedom and with your beauty, you are confident you can still score a man at an age. So what’s the rush on commitment?


4. Everybody assumes you’re already taken

Men are more inclined to assume that you’re already seeing someone, perhaps due to the fact that you always seem happy and lively. So whenever you’re out with your friends, having fun, cracking jokes and rejecting all those drinks from other guys, they can always sense the “I am Taken” attitude you always portray. In most cases, you don’t even realize it. You’re too busy enjoying life. You are your own man, and you like it that way.


5. You’re insecure about your feelings, even though you never admit it

Just like other women, you fall in love too. Outside, you are happy; or at least you want everybody to believe you are. But inside, you’re lonely, and when your friends are not around, you feel empty. Even then, you’re still scared to let any man in. You’re afraid of heartbreaks and what they would do to you. Also, you fear being judged by society. You know that you don’t need a man to validate your life, but whenever people ask you why you are still single, it hurts you. So your personal life is filled with mixed emotions and you really don’t know what to settle for.



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