13 reasons why you should invest in RABBIT FARMING


 With the government's aim to increase the locally produced food heightening as the days go by, people interested in the idea are finding ways to be part of the agenda and policy that will see to it that Ghana's food box is full enough to feed Ghanaians and the international  market.

With cash crops like maize and rice being the most cultivated commodity , the animal farming industry has also seen a lot of people find interest in it as investors  in the industry have shared some positive feedbacks.

While people usually rare rabbits as pets, raring them commercially, can be a great source of income and a smart way of employment as the annual demand of meat is increasing rapidly throughout the world.

 Right now poultry, beef and pork meat are controlling this huge demand. Commercial rabbit production can play a very important role to meetup this demand.

 So rabbit farming business has a great opportunity and below is 13 reasons why you should invest in Rabbit Farming:

  • Rabbits are very fast growing animal.
  • Their food converting rate is better than other animals.
  • One female rabbit can give birth about 2 to 8 kids each time.
  • Rabbits can be raised within a short space.
  • Production costs are less, compared to other large sized animals.
  • Rabbit meat is very tasty, nutritious and easily digestible. All aged people can eat without any problem.
  • There are no religious taboos consuming rabbit meat.
  • In case of meat production, rabbits are placed after poultry.
  • Kitchen wastes, grass, plant leaves etc. are favorite foods of rabbit. So you can raise some rabbits for your family needs, using this type of low cost and easily available commodities.
  • Rabbit farming require less labor compared to another animal farming business. You can easily use your family labor for successful commercial rabbit farming business.
  • Commercial rabbit farming business require relatively less capital and you will get back your investment within a very short period.
  • As it is a highly profitable business, so commercial production can be a great source of earning and employment.
  • You can meetup your family nutritional demands through raising a few number of rabbits.

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