Why can't pastors go to the hospital and heal the sick ? - Efia Odo queries


 Controversial Ghanaian social media celebrity Efia Odo has joined the chorus singers in asking why pastors especially Ghana based preacher do not go to the various health facilities to heal the sick just like how Jesus Christ did in his days.

Efia Odo is not a fan of the church going christianity system in a chain of tweets on 6th March,2021 asked why the preachers who in their videos promise to being the best of healers are not going to the various hospitals to heal the sick but are always in the church waiting for the sick to come to them.

 In the her tweet , Efia Odo ask;

" Why can’t all these pastors just go to the hospital and heal the sick? I think that’ll be smarter or am I bugging?"

Efia Odo who grew  up in the USA for some years have questioned the powers of pastors stating that they have no authority to perform miracles that will bring healing to the sick, therefore advising Ghanaians not to run to pastors when they are not medically well.

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