'We will also challenge the number of votes Mahama got in court' - NPP


As Ghana readies for the 42 days Supreme Court hearing of the election petition filed by Ghana's former president John Mahama , there have been a lot of submissions and suggestions on what is going to happen within the period of time .

Speaking on the Accra based Joy FM's Top Story With Emefa Apawu, the New Patriotic Party's campaign manager for the 2020 elections, Mr Peter Mac Manu has revealed that the legal team of the NPP and President Akufo-Addo are also preparing the prove to the Supreme Court and Ghanaians that John Mahama does not deserve the number of votes that has been credited to him by the electoral commission of Ghana who are also respondents to the petition.

Mr. Mac Manu a veteran politician and former chairman of the NPP revealed that the NPP have assembled about 12 lawyers led by lawyer Frank Davies for the case he describes as that of facts and figures.

Mr. Manu in the interview on how prepared his party and candidate are said;

" We are also assembling our own documents. We also believe and will also prove that in court that even John Mahama did not receive the number of votes that has been credited to him and we are going to show that in the course of the trial''.

" I think that Mahama and his team have lost an election and they want to tell their followers that they didn't loss  the election so they want to carry them with them to wherever they want to take them to but the issue is when we get to the court , it is fact and figures that is going to speak for us." Mr Manu added.

John Mahama , the electoral commission of Ghana and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo starting from the 8th day of January,2021 will meet in the Supreme Court of Ghana to provide evidence on how they won the 2020 presidential election.

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