5 Big Things Your Friends Should Never Know About Your Relationship

Making the mistake of sharing some private matters has ruined many relationships today. Be careful of giving out some certain information about your relationships as not all your friends are happy with that relationship.

 Hanging out with your friends is not a bad thing but when you do this, be careful of things you say especially things about your relationship.

No matter how close you are to such people, never share these things about your relationship with them.
1. Your money problems:
No level of indebtedness or financial situation should make you share your money problems with others. It is only between you and your partner and no one else. You can ask for help but don’t ever disclose the actual fact when you are with your friends or associates.

2. Nudes:
This is the worst things you can do your partner as it is an act of betrayal to share such private matter with your friends. Any nude or private thing about sex shared should be between you and your partner and no third party should be involved.

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3. Your sex life:
Whatever you do with your partner in the other room should be between both of you. Never make this mistake of sharing your sex life experience with any of your friends no matter how close that person is to you. If you are happy with how it goes in there, it is fine and if not, resolve it in there with your partner . This should not form part of the gist between you and your friends.

4. Their dislike for your friends:
Your partner might not like your friends but never go and gist them about this. Let your own relationship continue as you will make things worse by informing them. If you have courtesy and civility, let it remain so. By telling your friends this, you foster resentment towards your partner in with your friends.


5. Relationship secrets
There are many secrets between two lovers but never abuse this by letting any third party know. Whatever your partner tells you is between both of you are in a relationship, keep it to yourself and let private stuff remain private.

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