Kidi shares his painful 'blue balls' experience [audio]

Musician and Songwriter, Kidi has shared one of his embarrassing and bitter experiences in life as far as his sexual issues are concerned.

The ‘Enjoyment’ hitmaker told Accra-based Okay FM that the first time he had ‘blue balls’ was when he was denied the opportunity to satisfy his sexual libido.

“Some people always think that ‘blue balls’ don’t exist and does not even happen. But I have had it once and I couldn’t even satisfy my sexual desires too and so I pray that God will not allow it happen to me because it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all,” he said.

The dictionary describes ‘blue balls’ as a mildly painful feeling in the testicles due to unrelieved sexual arousal or simply say sexual frustration.

Listen to audio of Kidi sharing his experience : CLICK HERE

SOURCE --- adomonline

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