I Have Fought Poverty Out Of Ghana - Prez. Akufo Addo IS IT TRUE?

President Nana Addo has bragged at the 6th March Independence parade held in. 

Kumasi that he has fought poverty out of the Ghanaian society.

He stressed that Ghanaians are living a much better life after his administration took over the affairs of Ghana.

Nana Addo hence urged Ghanaians to be grateful for his good works.

Below were his words:
”Nineteen percent (19%) of our people do not have access to potable water, but eighty-one percent (81%) of people in Ghana, presently, have access to safe water.

We are making progress. The supply of electricity has reached eighty-five percent (85%) of the country.

We are making progress. No child has died from measles in the past seventeen (17) years in Ghana.

Fellow Ghanaians, in our country, measles used to be the leading killer of children aged under five (5). We are making progress.

”No longer do mothers have to sell off their most treasured fabrics and jewellery, and fathers go to money lenders, to be able to see their children through senior high school.

Today, senior high school education is free for every child.We are making progress. There are more children in secondary school now, especially young girls, than we have ever had. We are changing the curricula and focus in education to meet the needs of the modern economy, and prepare our young people to compete on the global scale. We are making progress.

”More and more people are embracing the need to preserve the beauty of our environment and the purity of our waters and oceans. We are making progress. Some twenty-five (25) years ago, only a few wealthy people carried mobile phones: it was a status symbol, and it gave them access to opportunities that few could dream of.

In the year 2000, there were ninety thousand (90,000) mobile phone subscribers, in 2020, there are forty-one million subscriptions. Mobile subscriber penetration is bigger than the population. We are making progress.

”The digital revolution is changing the face of our society and our country, and, soon, we will take a deserved place as a modern economy. We are making progress.” he said. 

President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo is looking for to get the second opportunity  from Ghanaians going into the 2020 elections.

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