Some Men Smell Like Goats - Yvonne Okoro

The men with body odour won’t find what Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Okoro posted on her InstaStories   funny at all as the celebrated actress and entrepreneur says they smell like goats. 

Yvonne Okoro in her post was boldly said that some men have stolen the smell God gave to goats.

The 35-year-old actress on her InstaStories posted:
“Lord the smell you gave to goats some of your sons have stolen it”.

Is Yvonne Okoro indirectly telling us that some of the men she has been with or approached her had/have the smell of goats?

Or some of the actors she has played roles with in movies had/have the smell of goats?

Because Yvonne Okoro cannot just get up and post this on Instagram, it’s obvious that she posted it based on her past or recent experiences with some men.

This is humiliating to the men with body odour and by now, some of the men she has met or had encounters with are asking themselves whether they had/ have body odour or not.

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