South Africans Beg For Forgiveness As They Demonstrate Against XENOPHOBIA. (VIDEO)

After attacking and destroying properties belonging to foreigners especially blacks, South Africa has come back to it's senses and is taking steps to repair what it has destroyed.

According to a video making rounds online which captured South Africans engaged in a peaceful demonstration to beg Nigerians and citizens of other African countries for forgiveness over the xenophobic attacks.
The South Africans sang as they marched through the streets and also held up a banner which called for unity among Africans, weeks after the attacks which led to destruction of properties and looting of shops owned by foreigners.

The whole world some few days ago went wild after South Africans demanded all African continents to move out of their country.

They claimed their citizens are really facing
economic hardship whiles other foreigners in
their country enjoy good life.

Watch Video Below:

In other news relating to the steps being taken to correct the wrongs of the south African country, President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa has dispatched three envoys to seven African countries to deliver messages of Pan-African unity and solidarity following the recent xenophobic attacks in south Africa.
The envoys are expected to visit Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Senegal, Tanzania, Zambia and the Democratic Republic Of Congo.

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