Kwadwo Sheldon Blasts Social Media User For Saying He "Fools On The Internet"

Ghanaian social media entertainer and self-acclaimed 'god of content' Kwadwo Sheldon has descended on a social media user for he fools on the internet.

Commenting on one of Kwadwo Sheldon's funny posts on instagram , a social media user who uses ' @charcoal_sellers_son' as his handle name on the popular social media platform described the popular entertainer as one whose children will call an "internet fool" when they are asked the kind of job their father do.

@charcoal_sellers_son in his comment wrote;

"....  so imagine say u born way ur kiddie go school way dem ask am say wat work does ur father do My father fools on the internet "

Kwadwo Sheldon who was clearly not happy about the comment by the 'ignorant' social media user decided to put him in his place by telling him what he [ Kwadwo Sheldon ] does and what his children will say when they are asked such questions. Sheldon in his reply also wrote;

"....  Or his father is the founder of House Of Content, digital ad agency.. Also his father is a creator' brands influencer, speaker too "

This comment and reply raised another conversation that saw followers of 'scarf wearing' entertainer make fun of the issue.

See screenshots of the comments and replies below; 

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