Why Build A New Parliament House When Potholes On Motorway Are Killing People? - Sarkodie Asks

Rapper Sarkodie has loosed his tongue on news
on the proposal for the construction of a new
Parliamentary chamber which is said to reportedly cost $200 Million.

Taking to his Twitter account, the President of Sark Nation cried on how heartless our politicians have become. Spending on that which is not important but leaving the very necessary things to lay unattended to.

Sarkodie gave an example of potholes on the
Tema Motor-way. According to him, that
$200Million can solve the problem of potholes on the major road which is causing accidents, thus, taking the life of a whole lot of people over the years.

“If All these potholes on the motorway and other roads in Ghana causing accidents can be overlooked to raise 200mil for a chamber then
yall know the kinda people we choose to be in
power”, Sarkodie tweeted.

In another tweet, Sarkodie said again that
every project must benefit the populace first.
“Every project should target the betterment of the people first”, he wrote.

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